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Discoteca del DragÓN

APRIL 23, 2022

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Discoteca del Dragón, a thesis project produced by University of Michigan Master of Fine Arts in Dance candidate Elisandra Rosario, was premiered on April 23, 2022, at The Riverside, Detroit, MI. Performers include Bianca On Sax, Buddy Paul, DJ Barcala, DJ Belly, DJ Salem, Elisandra Rosario, Harsh Pro, Jesse Clayton, John Churchville, Mariah Stevens, Marsae Mitchell, Payal Parida, Rae Beck, Robb Allan, The Ideal DJs, Yuzuha Iwata, and Yuyao Sun.


Discoteca del Dragón is an interactive playground of vibrations and frequencies curated by Rosario. The thesis research project unlocks a realm in which collaborative performance spaces may be used as a tool for healing and self-knowledge. Through creating a group of ecosystems, collaborators will facilitate a performance environment that promotes social and vibrational exchange through the arts. Audience members are encouraged to explore the performance space freely and linger in any of the realms for as long as they would like. Vibrational exchanges will be facilitated through the use of movement, sound, light, color, and more! Storytelling will unlock portals to the past, present, and future as collaborators transform the space with their interactions. 


In addition to the evolving realms facilitated by the artists involved, Elisandra Rosario will be premiering an installation of screendance work inspired by the dream realm. 


Discoteca del Dragon is supported in part through the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Eileen Weiser EXCEL Fund, the William Braddan McClellan, Jr. Fund in Dance, the Rackham Graduate Research grant, and the University of Michigan Department of Dance.


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